The Tickle Test


Want to be able to tickle any animal? Professionally? Then you will need to take the tickle test! In this fun tale, a tiny mouse takes up the challenge. He bravely tickles a giraffe, an octopus, a tiger, gorillas, an elephant, and many others in order to pass the tickle test. Of course, the young mouse is an excellent tickler and passes with flying colors. The joy is watching the reaction of all the animals as they are tickled. The mouse graders are also funny (and punny) as they look on in awe of the tickler. The illustrations are beautifully crafted with bright colors that will capture any child’s attention. VERDICT Funny, well-drawn, and playful, this story will delight children and their caregivers.

Category: Bedtime story, Alphabet

Age: 2-5

Price: 30 Birr

Status: Used(Good condition)


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